• Skyler won 3rd place (Plant Sciences) in the 2022 Central Kentucky Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Congratulations!


  • Megan and Meghana have received the UK CAFE undergraduate research award. Congratulations!


  • Skyler won 1st place (Plant Sciences) in the 2022 Kentucky American Water Science Fair! Congratulations!


Foteh's soybean work has been accepted for publication in Plant Reproduction!


Our review article covering the moleuclar evolution in land plant sexual reproduction has been publsihed in Plant Reproduction! (6.1.2021)


Foteh's second research paper about the formin function in F-actin dynamics in the central cell has been published in Plant Signaling & Behavior. Congratulations!


Our first research paper has been published in PNAS. Great job, Foteh!

(highlighted in UK CAFE News and Morning AgClips)


Alexandria has joined in our lab!


Fatema and Foteh received a Spring 2019-2020 Publication Scholarship from IPSS. They wrote a wonderful review about sperm nuclear migration. Congratulations!


Japan Science and Technology Agency, Washington, D.C. Office set up a roundtable to discuss how we should bring the results of research to society - considering the future of water, food and resources - and the potential implications for the Japanese research community from lessons learned by Japanese scholars from the US Midwest.


Tomo received a Bristol-Myers Squibb K.K. Best Presenter Award at Japan XR Science Forum 2020 in US Midwest!


Jimin's review article highlighting post plasmogamic events of plant sexual reproduction has been published in JEZ-B Molecular and Developmental Evolution.


Our Nature Cell Biology paper is highlighed in the University News UKNow!


Jacob Sullivan (Bio Major) has joined in our lab as a NSF Summer Intern. He will be working on Arabidopsis endosperm development with Anthony. Welcome to my lab, Jacob!


Yuki's review article summarzing plasmogamic paternal contributions to the zygote dynamics has been published in Frontiers in Plant Science. Congratulations, Yuki!


Our Nature Cell Biology paper is highlighed in the UK CAFE news site!


The work shed light on the paternal epigenetic reprogramming in flowering plants has been published in Nature Cell Biology! Congratulations to Dr. Michael Borg at Gregor Mendel Institute, Vienna, Austria!


Tomo gave a talk at the Department of Botany & Plant Plathology, Purdue University, entitled Deciphering dynamics of plant fertilization and seed endosperm development on March 5, 2020.


Foteh has been selected to receive one of two 2020 TeKrony Graduate Student Travel Fellowship in Seed Biology Awards. Congratulations, Foteh! 


Thank you so much for many applications to our NSF & USDA Summer Internship programs! We stopped accepting applications.


Our lab is highlighted in the International Association of Sexual Plant Reproduction News Letter!


Happy New Year!

The total number of citation reached to 1,000!

The lab members are now working on manuscripts to share our new discovery soon!