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If you want to learn how plants produce seeds and what environmental factors affect the seed growth for setting the finel yield, please apply here by December 14th!

Welcome to the Kawashima Laboratory!

Although many factors involved in seed development and seed sizes/numbers have been identified, the precise mechanisms of how plants accomplish seed development and control these seed traits are largely unknown.  Using the confocal microscopy real-time live-cell imaging approach, we are investigating the molecular mechanisms, cellular dynamics, and evolution of land plant sexual reproduction, especially focusing on stages from fertilization to early seed/embryo development. 

F-actin in the Arabidopsis zygote

Cyan: F-actin in the zygote, Yellos: zygote nucleus, Magenta: cell structures (Kimata et al., PNAS, 2017)

F-actin in the Arabidopsis central cell

Cyan: F-actin in the central cell, Yellow: egg nucleus, Magenta: synergid cells
(Kawashima et al., eLife, 2014; Nikon Small World, HM, 2014)

USDA supports a student for summer research in my laboratory (2018-2021)